It’s True Exercise Improves Your Mental Health!

We’ve known for years that exercise releases endorphins, and these help combat stress, but regular exercise could help your memory too. Researchers have found the stress boosting chemicals your body releases when stressed could help you retain information easier. What happens is when we are under prolonged or high amounts of stress, is the chemicals […]

Body Shaming and Learning to Cope When a Victim of It

There are some lessons that children must be taught from a young age. The first one being that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. With marketing and the media force feeding up horse hung men in CK underwear to Victoria’s Secret showing us perfect 10’s with breasts so ample even Dolly Parton would […]

17 Dead and 50 Injured in another High School Shooting

A former student of a high school in Florida, Nikolas Cruz, 19, stormed the school setting off smoke grenades and fire alarms to lure pupils into the halls so he could murder as many as possible. There is a growing trend in High School massacres, and unfortunately, Mr. Trump, the blame lies squarely on your […]