The Full Monty Testicular Cancer Awareness

Several UK celebs of both genders have agreed to bear all to raise funds and awareness for cancer. The boys include the likes of Alexander Armstrong and Ainsley Harriot, while the girls include Coleen Nolan. Channelling the hugely popular comedy from the 90’s, The Full Monty (American friends, if you’ve not seen it, it is […]

Martin Shkreli the Greedy Little Weasel is Finally Jailed

Martin Shkreli has been jailed for 7 years for his role in ripping off investors and manipulating the stock market for his own financial gain. He rose to notoriety after hiking the price of a HIV drug, which saves hundreds of thousands of lives by a staggering 5000%. Although his crimes are unrelated to that […]

There is only one thing to help a broken heart. PUPPIES!

I’ve received some devastating news today regarding my partners ex. It’s inevitable, but tragic regardless of the time frame we have. So to try and put a smile onto everyone’s face, and possibly yours. I’m going to compile a few anecdotes of what it’s like to a have a 3 month old puppy that is […]