Lots of People Thinking Bah Humbug this Christmas Time

Tis’ the season to be (over indulgent, greedy emotionally unavailable and) jolly. Fa la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Sorry if I sound like a complete Scrooge, but it’s true, demands get more and more expensive with each passing year. My nieces, aged between 15 and 5 are all demanding more and more […]

Is it REALLY Necessary to White Wash Fairy Tales?

A mother has demanded that her children’s primary school bans Sleeping Beauty because it ‘gives the message of inappropriate touching’ to children. We all know the story, Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a sleep like death and a forest of impenetrable thorns grows around the castle, where she is (where else but) in […]

Men shouldn’t be allowed in Ladies Toilets with their Daughter?

What an absolute laughing stock this is. Can any woman honestly complain that a man enters a ladies rest room to use the baby changing facilities that are so rarely found in the gents? Also, has it also not occurred to the “femi-nazis” that said men don’t want their young daughters in a men’s toilet? […]