Louisiana NBC Bank Failure Becomes Costliest Failure Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Louisiana’s First NBC Bank became the largest bank failure since the 2008 financial crisis after federal and state regulators announced last week that the bank had officially closed and would be reopening as a part of Whitney Bank. The failure is the fourth this year and the cleanup costs are estimated to be around $1 […]

Ant Financial Ups Offer For MoneyGram By Over 30 Percent To Outbid Rival

The battle to acquire MoneyGram International Inc appears to have gone in favor of Chinese financial company Ant Financial after it raised its bid by over 36 percent to beat a rival offer. The revised bid has been backed by MoneyGram’s board. Its latest bid is valued at $18 a share in cash, up from […]

National Trust under fire for Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The word Easter has been deleted from the Annual National Trust Egg Hunt, which is causing outrage from many different quarters including the PM. The National Trust has been accused of white washing their annual Easter Egg Hunt. This, more than likely is a decision to not offend those of a different religion, despite the […]

Concern over NHS and Google DeepMind Project

Many People Worried About Patient Data Being Misused by DeepMind The number of people voicing their serious concerns about Google’s DeepMind App continues to grow as the ICO and NDG investigate. There are some concerns being voiced over the deal between the UK National Health Service and Google’s DeepMind project that became public knowledge back […]

International corruption: American officials control schemes of gas procurement for Ukraine

Do you wish to make several hundred million dollars a year? You don’t need much for that: you should be at least a medium-level official at the U.S. Department of State and be friendly to the third world countries. A vivid example of that are the schemes of gas procurement for consumption in Ukraine, a […]

London is invaded by Humanoid Robots

Within hours, a swarm of humanoid robots had taken control of London. This information was passed on from HBO’s public relations, while promoting their latest series. A science-fiction drama titled, Westworld. In front of London landmarks, there were life-size robots walking the area and terrifying onlookers. Unknown to the Britons, this was only a publicity […]

Americans told to batten down the hatches as Hurricane Matthew death toll continues to rise

Deadly Hurricane Matthew has been described as the “most dangerous storm in living history” as the death toll now stands at more than 800. The devastating storm has left more than 800 people dead and tens of thousands homeless as it rampaged across Haiti before heading for the US. US President Barack Obama urged people […]

The NHS should offer women testosterone to boost flagging libidos says medic

Women who are experiencing a loss of sexual desire should be given testosterone through the NHS, according to a leading doctor. Dr Nick Panay, who is from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said testosterone could improve not only a woman’s sex drive but also her energy levels and mood. But he said there […]

The Trump Administration Transition into the White House No Longer Going Smoothly

From media photos of President-elect Donald Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama in the White House Oval Office the two seemed to have a cordial relationship and all was well as the new party prepared to take over the White House.  Trump himself even praised President Obama for helping to make this process smooth.  Now […]

5 Dead In Fire In San Antonio Senior Citizen Apartment Building

11 Elderly Residents Hospitalized Due To Fire On Sunday, a massive fire broke out in an apartment building of Wedgwood Apartments, in the San Antonio suburb of Castle Hills. The fire was so destructive that 5 people died and 11 others had to be hospitalized, all reported to bein a serious condition. Of them, one […]