Luca Cari, the spokesman for the Italian National Fire Brigade has stated they have located several more survivors beneath the Italian Rigopiano Hotel that was buried beneath the avalanche.

The total amount of survivors that have been rescued at the moment is now 11, with four that pronounced dead, and still an additional 20 more are yet to be sighted.

The Hotel had been swallowed up by an avalanche last Wednesday after Italy was struck by several series of earthquakes.

It is situated at the lower areas of central Italy’s highest peak, the Gran Sasso Mountain.

No Way Out

One survivor, Gianpaolo Parete, contacted his friend for to notify him that he had been buried underneath the avalanche and that the mountain just literally dropped down on them.

“Everyone is trapped inside, I survived with another person,” Parete told Marcella.

According to Marcella, when he had notified the authorities on the matter, they had dismissed the call for help, as they told him that they had already spoken a few hours earlier to the manager of the hotel and he told them everything was fine.

Finally after several more calls to other services and with his friends assisting in the same matter, rescue teams had come several hours afterwards.

A Difficult Dig

Rescue teams were faced with a difficult task as they struggled to fight through the deep and heavy snow and shattered trees in order to locate any survivors.

The survivors however heard a drill penetrating a hole through the hotel’s roof.

As soon as the first rescuers had made their way through, some of the survivors had exclaimed with joy “Angels! Angels!” Some survivors have been said to have a mild case of hypothermia, but nothing too critical.

Fortunate for the survivors, Marco Bini, a member of the rescue team stated that the survivors were lucky to have been situated at an air pocket of the hotel, which allowed them to breathe.

Mr. Bini added that due to the snow that surrounded from both high and below, the temperature was balanced.

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