Katelyn Nicole Davis, a 12 year old schoolgirl from Cedartown, Georgia, has caused a major commotion and shock on Facebook as she live streamed her own suicide after stating that she had been sexually abused by one of her relatives.

The authorities have stated that they are completely incapable from preventing the sharing of the video on social media.

In the livestreamed video, Katelyn had stated that a member of her family had sexually abused her, then she proceeded to hang herself while still filming the entire event.

The suicide took place in the garden situated in front of the 12 year old girl’s home.

Completely Powerless

The shockingly disturbing video has been shared all across Facebook to what can be said as much as hundreds of thousands of users, and the police have clearly declared that at this point, they can no longer do anything about it.

The situation is completely out of their hands, according to the authorities. Emergency services raced to the scene of the event but had pronounced young Katelyn dead after they rushed her to the Polk Medical Center’s emergency section.

A Video to Remember

Although the suicide video has been removed from Katelyn’s Facebook page, the authorities at the Polk County Police Department have stated that they have been bombarded with calls.

The calls had come not only from other areas situated within the United States, but from a global scale. Those who called had helped the authorities by notifying them of specific websites that had still been sharing the shocking video.

The authorities have conducted an investigation into the death of young Katelyn at the moment.

Katelyn just three days before her suicide had posted on her blog that one member from her family had sexually abused her.

Meanwhile, youth charity situated within the UK have cautioned that such a video being shared could possibly lead to others imitating and following through in the same act.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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