Authorities have reported a case of a 12 year old boy pointing a gun at a classmate of his in order to get a chicken nugget from her last Tuesday at a subway station situated at East Harlem.

The young boy demanded that the girl give him a piece of her chicken nuggets at the subway situated between 103rd Street and Lexington, but the girl had refused to comply with his request and simply walked away.

The 12 year old continued to follow her and then attempted for the second time to rob her, but the girl had apparently smacked his gun away and then she escaped and got on the next train.

According to the police, the young girl had reported this boy the next day at school about the entire dilemma.

The Brave Young Girl

The young girl had confronted the 12 year old armed boy against all odds and threats, and still managed to avoid his threats that were thrown upon her while holding a gun.

No one had been injured from this incident according to the authorities.

The 12 year was taken into custody immediately upon the story being exposed at the school and he has been regarded as a juvenile and the accusation against him was attempted robbery.

All for a Nugget

The authorities have not disclosed further details about the matter and have not mentioned whether or not the weapon the child had been armed with was recovered by them or not.

The reported incident by the authorities has also not given any additional details into the young 12 year old boy’s whereabouts at the moment, including whether he is currently still in the custody of the police or has been released.

Concerns have surfaced though regarding just how this young boy was able to be in possession of such a lethal weapon.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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