An adolescent girl as young as 7 years old known only as Katie was found in an obscure alleyway situated in a suburb in New York City yesterday afternoon, who was then pronounced dead later after she had been sent to the hospital.

As the mother of Katie had arrived at the scene where her daughter had been sighted, she fell to the ground in a state of extreme shock and wept, as Katie lay in front of her with fatal injuries inflicted upon her body.

A 15 year old teenage girl was taken into custody by the authorities who has been deemed as a suspect to the death of Katie and is currently under interrogation by the police.

A Mother’s Loss

Eyewitnesses who were present at the time the mother had seen her daughter’s unresponsive and damaged state stated they witnessed her entire traumatic trance as she sobbed at the scene and went down on her knees.

A tribute has been made to young Katie in which the grandparents of Katie had left a card for Katie in which it read “Night, night my darling Princess Katie. Love Nana and Grandad xx xx.”

A Shocking Discovery

Rob McCartney, 50, presides in a house which is situated near the grassy alleyway in which Katie’s body had been found, stated that he had seen her lifeless body and then added that when Katie’s mother had arrived at the scene she had been yelling and begging for help from anyone as she exclaimed that her Katie was murdered.

McCartney says the mother had been hysterical and running around the street and requested from anyone to call in an ambulance for her daughter.

The North Yorkshire authorities then arrested a 15 year old girl who serves as a possible suspect for this matter, and the police are currently conducting a series of house to house questioning.

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