Katie Rough, the young girl aged 7 who was murdered a few days ago and found at a grassy alleyway in York has resulted in the arrest and charge of a 15 year old girl deemed responsible for her death, according to authorities.

The 15 year old girl charged with the crime had been called up by the judge in York on the early morning hours of Wednesday.

As the young teenager stood at court with two security guards and a youth offending team manager surrounding her while she was centered in front of a glass dock, she silently listened and bared the entire duration of the hearing and charges against her that lasted for eight minutes, without muttering a single word.

No Shame, No Guilt

As her attorney answered questions that concerned her address and her full name as requested, the 15 year old girl did nothing but offer a blank and emotionless stare in front of her.

The accused will be facing the Leeds Crown Court this upcoming Friday and was wearing a grey sweatshirt during the hearing with her long brown hair dangling down. The young teenager was also charged with possession of an offensive weapon, which was a knife.

So Young and Innocent

Katie Rough’s body was located at the area of Woodthorpe in York last Monday, and according to statements heard in court, Katie had suffered several fatal inflictions towards her neck area and her chest.

The adolescent was referred to as “kind and thoughtful child.”

The head teacher at the Westfield Primary School, in which Katie had been attending, expressed her sorrow and condolences to young Katie by saying that the death and loss of this unique and hardworking pupil serves as a humongous loss and blow to the community at their school, and she offered her profound sympathies to Katie’s family.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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