A former student of a high school in Florida, Nikolas Cruz, 19, stormed the school setting off smoke grenades and fire alarms to lure pupils into the halls so he could murder as many as possible.

There is a growing trend in High School massacres, and unfortunately, Mr. Trump, the blame lies squarely on your shoulders, and offering ‘prayers and condolences’ as about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

There needs to be tighter regulation. Not being able to practically walk into Wal-Mart for a loaf of bread and then come out with an AK-47. It’s not responsible and it’s certainly far too easy. Blaming an 18th century law is also not right. Laws can be amended, and the right to bear arms should not come above the right to shelter, food, water and healthcare.

Celebrities offer thoughts, condolences and prayers. Presidents get s**t done. Do the job that the American public voted you in to do. Never mind taking to Twitter to inform the rest of the world what we already knew had happened. Get an emergency meeting underway, take back control of the reigns. Make America Great Again, as you so often remind us, yet you only use this term when it’s something that you want.

There are 17 families that were destroyed on Valentine’s day. 17 mothers who have lost their sons. 17 fathers who have lost their daughters, numerous friends who’ve lost their BFF’s. Condolences and Prayers will not help them. If anything it’s quite patronizing to offer such a feeble reaction to someone else’s most heinous of actions.

You must understand that the families of those slain and maimed are going to want answers, answers which only you are able to give as ultimately, everything is in your hands. I won’t go as far as to say you have blood on your hands, but your lack of action on a problem that has plagued America for year’s shows that you aren’t interested in controlling guns.

We only need to go back 10 years and there have been 12 massacres in schools. The solution lies within the problem. The right to bear arms is a powerful piece of legislation, but honestly, as a global super power, do you not think you’ve evolved a bit since that piece of legislation was written in, and that it now needs to be at the very least amended and updated.

Instead of screaming foul over an Aspergers sufferer hacking into your computers, it’s time you looked at the big picture (and maybe tightened up your IT Security). People are dying daily due to being shot. Most of the people with said guns are probably not licensed to possess a fire arm.

Gun control will have a seedy underbelly, with some going to the black market, but this is expected. Call it a teething problem of the situation, but with better control and tougher laws, you can make it happen.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.