In the province of Saskatchewan, which is situated towards the Western region of Canada, a pipeline was ruptured which resulted in over 200,000 liters of oil leaking onto the land of aborigines.

The government of the province announced this incident last Monday, and had been notified about this entire matter as of last Friday.

The assistant deputy minister from the Economy’s Ministry, Doug McKnight, has announced that 170,000 from the leaked amount has been successfully recuperated at the moment.

Several environmental along with native groups have harshly opposed pipelines in such provinces that include Alberta and where the oil leak had occurred.

Saskatchewan and Alberta serve as two focal points in which crude oil is transported towards the coastline, as they both contain a rich supply of oil.

A Repetition of Accidents

Just seven months prior to this leak, another major leak had also occurred at the province of Saskatchewan.

Over 2250,000 liters of oil were reported to have leaked from the pipeline of Husky Energy Inc., which entered into a major river that eventually forced all supply for water consumption for two different cities to immediately cease.

Just Hope and Pray

At the time of the current incident it was not exactly evident as to how the pipeline had burst nor which company serves as the owner for it.

Tundra Energy Marketing Inc., who have an underground pipeline directly parallel to the ruptured one, are currently leading the process of the oil leak cleanup.

McKnight stated that there are several pipelines within this region, and so unless an excavation has not taken place yet, they cannot be fully sure to determine which of the pipes had ruptured.

The Company of Tundra say they intend to clean up the entire region and make sure that “the affected land is restored appropriately.”

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