Kyle Maher, 21, a young father, was reported to have been stabbed as his fiancé witnessed the entire incident.

The young father had received extremely fatal stab wounds to his neck, to the heart, head, and his stomach and as he was rushed to the hospital, he eventually died due to the fatal wounds.

Kyle’s 17 year old fiancé also received a stab wound in her hand as she attempted to protect Kyle from the aggressive attacker.

Kyle’s body was discovered at his home situated in Tooting, where he had been celebrating the first Christmas upon the birth of his daughter.

Kyle had apparently tried to murmur a few last words to his fiancé but his voice was too low for her to make out the words, according to Kyle’s family.

Newly Engaged

Kyle just a few days prior to the incident had joyfully announced his engagement on social media.

After the event took place, forensic officers had stayed at Kyle’s house at Drakefield Road, located in Tooting in the southern area of London.

The incident was said to have taken place around 3 am last Saturday. Kyle’s cousin Luke McGarrett, 22, stated that Kyle served as the “perfect father figure.”

Kyle’s daughter had been born the previous year to another former partner of Kyles’.

Only One Wish

Luke stated that his cousin’s only wish was to raise his daughter, as she served as his “diamond in the sky,” and all money that he had was spent directly on her only.

Kyle’s only wish was to make his daughter happy and nothing less.

The baby girl had apparently just learnt to walk and was able to pronounce the word ‘daddy’ according to Luke.

The 22 year old cousin added that Kyle’s fiancé is currently in an extreme state of shock at the hospital and she will need nothing less than extreme support for the next long while.

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