Last Sunday about 22 people were said to have been rescued after a Malaysian boat had sunk due to powerful thrusts of waves.

Those who were rescued were said to mainly be tourists from China, and six people have been reported to still be missing from the sinking.

A military plane sighted the captain of the sunken boat along with another crew member and were then rescued by a separate tourist boat that came to their aid on Sunday.

According to the boat’s captain, the boat had apparently sunk after being hit by powerful waves once they departed from the dock at Kota Kinabalu on the morning of last Saturday.

The boat was bound to the island of Pulau Mengalum, which is situated approximately 60 kilometers westward.

More Popping Up

Fisherman around the waters of the incident had spotted about 20 that survived the event, along with two men and one woman that were killed.

Malaysia’s Government Minister, Shahidan Kassim has stated that rescue operations are being escalated, which include efforts that use surveillance planes that are capable of seeing within darkness.

The search zone is said to stretch to 400 nautical miles around the South China Sea.

Harsh Times for Tourists

Meanwhile the captain of a separate boat that had also departed from the same location around the same time, Arwin Musbir, claims that he had followed the boat but failed to sight them moments after their departure.

According to Musbir, it was only after he arrived at Pulau Mengalum that he then realized the other boat had not made it.

As the Chinese have been celebrating their Lunar Year, this serves as a peak of season for them in order to travel abroad.

The Lunar Year holiday had begun last Saturday and serves as a pivotal point when Chinese citizens go on holiday.

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