As of last Monday the British Halley VI Research Station based in Antarctica was closed down upon witnessing a colossal 25 mile long crack within the ice.

Footage that was captured by a drone reveals just as how threatening the matter would be and could very well lead to the base being submerged within an enormous abyss of ice.

The footage that was captured forced the entire British Research team to flee about 14 miles away.

Several miniature islands of ice were seen to have resulted as well from the crack, as some areas showed split cracks.

Getting Bigger and Bigger

The first crack within the ice shelf had apparently remained undeveloped for around 30 years, and as of 2012 it started to open up more and more.

As of 2013, the crack started to increase at a dramatic and shocking speed of one mile every year.

Reports reveal that as of October of 2016, a second crack had surfaced just 10.5 miles north of where the Halley VI Research Station was based.

The researchers state that they cannot forecast just as to what would be of the ice shelf throughout the winter in Antarctica and afterwards.

Just In Case

The Antarctic winter which usually begins around March and ends in November may probably force all who are situated in the Brunt Ice Shelf to flee due to the discovery of the second worrying crack.

As there may not be an actual risk or danger to those who are still in the station, the worries would certainly arise if an evacuation was to be implemented throughout the course of Antarctica’s winter.

As a result of this, the scientists who have been based at the station have been forced to shut down the entire station as a precautionary measure.

Tim Stockings, the Director of Operations stated that they are striving to make the right decisions by sending their people back home as winter takes its toll in Antarctica.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.