Michala Pyke, a heroin addict, was jailed after allegedly feeding her four year old daughter Poppy Widdison deadly narcotics such as Heroin, Ketamine, Diazepam as well as Methadone.

Pyke claimed in a shocking statement that she fed her daughter these drugs so that she wouldn’t serve as an inconvenience to her sex life with John Rytting, a drug dealer.

Poppy was said to have went into cardiac arrest and then died back in June of 2013. The death of the young infant occurred at Ryttin’s home that was situated at Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Both Rytting and Pyke have received prison sentences for up to 13 years due to extreme child cruelty as of Jan. 19th, in which the judge also exclaimed that Pyke is absolutely unfit to serve as a mother.

A Disgusting Response

As soon as the judge was making the relevant statements to the couple in order to shed light on their horrific actions, Rytting had simply responded by saying “whatever.”

Judge Jeremy Richardson went on to remark on the matter by saying that young Poppy had been forced to being born as a heroin addict.

Judge Richardson then added that Pyke had done nothing less than to show a disgraceful attitude to the young and innocent Poppy.

Killing her for Months

An autopsy to determine Poppy’s official cause of death could not finalize the primary causes.

However, toxicology tests that were carried out revealed that Poppy had ingested several drugs such as Heroin and methadone in high doses at least six months prior to her death.

According to Prosecutor David Gordon, Pyke and Rytting had apparently sent each other text messages in which Pyke allegedly wrote in a message that Poppy can go ahead and “have a blue smartie and go to sleep lol xxx.”

The blue smartie refers to the drug Diazepam, which serves as heavy sedative, in order to get Poppy to just fall asleep.

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