Reports have stated that an earthquake with a recorded magnitude of 7.9 has struck the area around Papa New Guinea as well as the Solomon Islands.

There have been no deaths, major injuries, or excessive damage reported after the quake.

After the quake a tsunami threat was issued to the residents but the possibility of a tsunami as of now has been cleared away by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The quake was said to have penetrated at a level of 103 miles beneath the eastern province situated near Papa New Guinea, Bougainville.

Reports state that the most threatened area that was deemed possible to be struck by a tsunami was Bougainville.

A Common Occurrence

An assistant director for the Geophysical Observatory of Papa New Guinea, Chris McKee, says that since the depth of the quake was so low, the chances for a tsunami threat were also lowered as a result.

George Herming, the government official for the Solomon Islands, stated that the residents of the islands had not experienced any intense or slight shocks or movements as well as any oncoming tsunamis.

The Solomon Islands and Papa New Guinea are no strangers to these quakes, as they are both situated in the geologically active region within the Pacific.

This area has been commonly known as the “Ring of Fire.”

Tsunami Precautions

The capital city Buka was said to have received a power blackout after the quake.

Citizens who preside at the town in the southern region of Buin were told to move towards higher ground as a precautionary measure in case a possible tsunami were to strike the region.

The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that no tsunami threats were issued for Australia.

Over 300,000 residents inhabit the city of Bougainville, which served to be the most vulnerable area for a tsunami threat.

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