Authorities who have been conducting an investigation into the sexual abuse claims and reports from football clubs within London city have stated that at least 77 clubs are involved in the matter.

According to the Metropolitan Police, around 255 allegations have been filed regarding sexual abuse cases that have not occurred anytime recent, and five of the Premier League clubs are said to be involved as well.

The investigators have stated last Monday that around 255 cases of separate incidents concerning sexual abuse were reported to them from incidents in the past.

Almost Everyone Involved

Amongst the 77 teams involved are Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, and several other prominent and renowned football clubs.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman states that professional, amateur and non-league clubs were said to be involved in this matter, as reports have surfaced from all of them.

Ivan Balhatchet, who serves as the Detective Chief Superintendent for the UK’s Sexual Offenses, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said that no allegations will be dismissed or taken lightly and they will continue to investigate all matters thoroughly.

Mr. Balhatchet has urged anyone who themselves have endured or suffered any sexual abuse to call a local law enforcement agency or contact the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC).

Anonymous Matter

The Detective Chief Superintendent added that since the investigation is currently still in an ongoing process, no names of football clubs will be disclosed with details of the matter.

The same anonymity will be applied towards how many allegations were set against any of the 77 clubs that have been under investigation.

The NPCC, who are running the current investigation known as Operation Hydrant, have stated previously that around 500 complaints were made regarding sexual abuse on children within football clubs and that 184 possible suspects have been looked into.

The investigation is said to involve around 248 different football teams.

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