The actor from NCIS: Los Angeles, along with Robocop, Miguel Ferrer, has died last Thursday at the age of 61, due to his battle with cancer.

Ferrer had played the roles of Owen Granger on the show of NCIS, and played as Bob Morton from the classic movie of Robocop, who was the man to come up with a police officer in the form of a robot.

Ferrer died while at his home and was said to have his friends and family around him, and had played in several renowned movies along with television shows.

Missed by Many

Scott Gemmill, who runs the show of NCIS, made a statement after Ferrer’s death in which he said that losing him was like losing a member of their family.

Gemmill added then that Ferrer had shown outstanding talent on set, had extremely witty humor, and his presence had been a powerful one. Ferrer’s father was Jose Ferrer, an actor as well, and his mother was Rosemary Clooney, a singer.

The last name of Clooney makes Ferrer as a direct cousin to the famous actor George Clooney, who also released a statement expressing his condolences on his cousin’s death.

Leaving on Good Terms

“Miguel made the world brighter and funnier,” said George Clooney, adding in his long statement that history was made upon the last moments of Ferrer.

Clooney states that although his cousin had died after a harsh battle with throat cancer, he is not considered gone to his family though.

Among other famous roles of Ferrer were Dr. Garret Macy from Crossing Jordan as well as playing Albert Rosenfield from Twin Peaks.

Ferrer had also performed several voice overs for hit animation movies such as Rio 2, Mulan, and several others.

Ferrer’s family consisted of Lori, his wife, his two sons named Lukas and Rafi, his brother Rafael, and then of course his cousin George Clooney.

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