Jacob Sullivan, 44, from Horshom, Pennsylvania has been taken into custody by the authorities for the rape, murder and then brutal dismemberment of the young adopted 14 year old Grace Packer.

Grace’s mother Sara Packer, 41, who is also Sullivan’s girlfriend was also arrested as she was an accomplice to the entire crime and dismemberment that Sullivan had carried out and assisted him in disposing the body, in which afterwards both Sullivan and Sara had formed a suicide pact with each other.

After Sullivan had been taken into custody, Packer had received several harsh charges that include the abuse of a corpse, meddling around with physical evidence of the scene, a conspiracy to rape, kidnapping, homicide, being in possession of tools to commit crimes, as well as several other charges.

How Could the Mother?

Matthew Weintraub, the Bucks County District Attorney was aghast at the context of this crime, and stated “the question is how could any mother do this to a child, to their child,” in which he added that he is speechless and could probably have no answers to such a crime.

Sullivan’s Overdose

Sullivan had apparently been involved with two different woman simultaneously, and his other girlfriend had called 911 on Dec 30th in which she told them that Sullivan had probably overdosed on several pills because he was lying down lifeless and not responding to anything.

It was discovered later on that Sullivan had written a suicide note and in it he apologized to both of his girl friends for leaving and resorting to such a cowardice way as he claimed that there is no more fight in him anymore.

In the note Sullivan also states that he cannot possibly exist anymore in this life if Sara is in jail and then says that “those f****** lying pigs and the whore media have made it impossible for us to live.”

Published by Sara O'Connell

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