A disturbance from two passengers aboard a Delta flight travelling from Minneapolis to Los Angeles had forced the pilot to reroute the plane and ultimately head back, just less than one hour after takeoff.

The altercation had apparently started when a woman had tried to go to the bathroom as the take-off had begun, then a flight attendant had asked her to sit down, which led to the following set of undesirable commotion aboard the flight.

Patrick Whalen, a passenger who had recorded the fight with his cell phone said the woman and her partner had started to yell at the flight attendant when the woman had been told to sit down.

Passenger Shock

“In my million miles of flying, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Whalen remarked, adding that the couple had been quite undisciplined and their behavior was extremely wild and disorderly.

Upon the air rage incident, the pilot had turned the plane around back towards Minneapolis airport, where upon landing, the authorities had rushed in to end the situation and took the couple into custody.

Anna Christine Koosmann, 36, and Blake Adam Fleisig, 35, had received charges of disorderly conduct, but authorities had released them soon afterwards.

Air Rage Not So Trivial

The number of cases regarding air rage incidents on flights have skyrocketed by about 16.5 percent from 2014 onwards.

Airlines have reported that from 2015 alone, there had been a recorded amount of 10,854 separate matters involving passengers losing their tempers on a plane and thus creating some big commotion.

Amongst the majority of the air rage incident, it has been said that they usually were sparked as a result of not abiding by the rules and order from the cabin crew, and usually the fights tend to be verbal abuse more than physical.

It has been said that what is usually the cause for these air rage incidents isn’t so much alcohol consumption as it is about lacking personal physical space.

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