After constant rumors about the launch for streaming music, Amazon confirmed the rumors with its recent announcement. The service that the online media giant is now offering is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The on-demand music streaming services allow users to listen to millions upon millions of songs, at a reasonable price ($7.99/month). This $7.99 monthly fee is for their Prime members, while the non-Prime members will pay a monthly fee of $9.99. For a more cost effective option, there is the “For Echo” plan. With this plan, you receive the same access, but it can only be played through the company’s Echo speaker system.

According to Recode, the Echo plan was put in place to give Amazon Music Unlimited the upper hand against its competitors. It is offered at a very reasonable price and it is used through a unique hardware system.

Although the announcement was made today, it doesn’t mean that it is the first time the online giant has offered a streaming service for their library of music. If you were a Prime member, you had the ability to access Amazon’s music. Only difference is that the previously service was limited on the songs in their catalog. The selection was limited, but the song availability exceeded two million songs. The Prime members also had personalized stations and numerous playlists to choose from.

By becoming unlimited, the entire platform has changed for its users. The catalog of songs have multiplied by more than 5 times its original list. These songs will be provided by such major labels as Warner, Sony, and Universal. This distribution is also opened to indie labels, which will be in the thousands. The thousands of personalized stations and playlists will be great for those looking for a specific mix of music.

For consumers that are looking for a plan that will offer access to the entire family will have to wait. The up to 6 people family plan isn’t yet available. But, Amazon has made plans to have the service available by the end of the year. The price for this service will be $14.99/month. There is also an annual price of $149. For Prime members, the annual price for a family subscription will be $79.

Even though there is a large market of streaming services available from other companies, Amazon will stand out with their “Echo Plan”, which has no competitors.