Yet another celebrity has been placed under investigation for historic sex attack claims. The artist, who can’t be named for legal reasons, allegedly plied his 14 year old victim with Champagne before holding her down and raping her.

It is said that the girl was plucked from the front row of the audience by his body guard, and that she was a virgin.

We do however, have to ask, why is it always the 70’s musicians that are being targeted, and why are the alleged victims only coming forward now after 40 years? Firstly, the inaccuracies from the original story, posted by The Sun raise a red flag. Being ‘covered in bruises’ at 14 is surely enough to make even the lousiest of parents look twice. Then there is the fact she never returned home for her curfew. Again, something even the most negligent parents would be worried about.

There was also a female comedian waiting in the suite where the attack allegedly took place, which again raises more doubts, especially when she wasn’t involved. A woman has a built in mechanism to protect, they can ignore it, but 99% of the time, the overwhelming urge to protect and nurture overrides all rational thought and they can, and will move heaven and earth to protect.

The claims were initially made in 2013 (still 40 years too late) and the woman, now in her 50’s is pushing for a full investigation, though I believe she has left it too late, for the alleged perpetrator will either be dead knocking on deaths door, or too frail to even testify as he would be in his 90’s now.

After the Jimmy Savile scandal, a lot of celebs have been dragged over the coals (usually for good reason), and although what Savile did was abhorrent and he didn’t deserve the air he breathed, waiting for so long to bring claims is simply far too long.

With the Savile case, people were bringing more and more outlandish claims to the bench, including paternity and one woman who wasn’t even born at the time of her alleged ordeal. We aren’t pregnancy experts, but simple biology tells us, if something happened in 1940 and you were born in 1943, you physically were not there.

Sexual assault and rape are not joking matters, and they are most certainly the most heinous of crimes, even more so to a child, however, there is only one way out of the trap, and embarrassing and demeaning as it is, you have to speak out, for the only way these monsters can be dealt with before they move on to their next prey, is to nip them in the bud and get them removed from the civilized population.

Call the police, speak to your parents, ask a friend to support you, there is no right or wrong way of dealing with sexual abuse, similar to mourning you simply do it in your own way. Just ensure you don’t leave it too long, for every year you leave it, they could have 12 or more victims.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.