Two males suspected of carjacking died after an intense police chase and ultimately crashing into a synagogue situated in Connecticut.

The victim claims that two men had confronted him in his Toyota Highlander, in which one said that he was armed, and then they took his mobile phone, his wallet, and then sped off with his car, the victim being unharmed however.

The authorities of New Haven had been notified about the stolen car after midnight, and as soon as the jacked vehicle had been spotted, additional assistance was called for, but the suspects had evaded them again.

The Unexpected Ending

Just minutes later after the extra police reinforcements had arrived to help with the chase, they had sighted the stolen Toyota Highlander in ruins after the suspects had crashed into the synagogue of the Congregation Beth El Keser.

The two suspects have been identified as Tommy Brown, 23, from New Haven, and Andrew Bolden-Velez, 20, from West Haven. Both suspects were pronounced dead from the severe crash.

Case Closed

The authorities of New Haven were said to have turned the investigation to the hands of the Connecticut State Police, along with the Connecticut attorney’s office.

Spokeswoman for the Connecticut State Police, Kelly Grant, has not made any statements regarding just how long the duration of the entire police chase lasted for, as well as uncertainties of how fast the police officers had chased after them.

The investigation is still underway at this point. The police had not realized that the suspects had crashed into the synagogue as they were still pursuing the chase after the Highlander.

The first police officers who were notified of the stolen vehicle state that they had chased the car, and had a close encounter with them, until the driver Brown had sped off again, eventually found later dead with Velez upon their crash.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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