Reports of shelling, gun battles and air raids have allegedly taken place in Western Syria, which disrupts the ceasefire that had just been set into motion last night organized by Turkey and Russia.

The ceasefire was aimed to attempt in halting the 6 year war in Syria, and talks of peace were to take place between the Syrian rebels and pro-Assad forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced that the ceasefire will proceed as planned after Turkey had agreed with the proposition, despite both nations supporting conflicting sides to the war in Syria.

As soon as the ceasefire had been initiated and begun after midnight, bombings and other eruptions of gun clashes were reported to occur at a fast pace in the northwestern region of Syria.

The Hope That Was

This truce had been put into place to serve as an initiative for long awaited and necessary peace talks in Syria, following the several failed attempts that were brought this year by international trials.

Russia and Turkey had both backed this ceasefire without any involvement or distraction from neither the United States nor the United Nations, and this truce serves as the third attempt for them this year alone.

Tightrope Future

In order for any talks of peace to take place or be held between rival Syrian forces, a ceasefire first must be successfully passed and acted upon, and has been revealed as of today, the foundation of such an attempt of peace talks seems to be rather wobbly.

The war in Syria has resulted as of now to about 300,000 deaths and forced a figure of 11 million to be homeless and or flee the war torn nation.

The Syrian military has not made any statements regarding the disrupted ceasefire, and according to a member from the rebel group of Nour al-Din al-Zinki, he claims that Assad forces had been making advances in Southern Aleppo during the activation of the ceasefire.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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