Rory McGrath, 60, a famous comedian, confessed that he had been harassing an ex-lover of his for a time frame of over 14 months.

The comedian’s guilty plea led him to receiving a suspended sentence, as he had originally earned a 10-week imprisonment sentence but has now been suspended by 18 months after he confessed.

McGrath admitted his fault to the Huntingdon magistrates’ court situated within Cambridgeshire on Thursday.

The comedian’s wife Nicola appeared in court to show support to her husband, and the identity for the victim of the harassment has not been disclosed due to legal reasons.

Coming to His Senses

McGrath had at first denied any such allegations thrown against him regarding the harassment.

However, after the charge had been changed, he proceeded to admit his mistake.

The comedian was also given a restraining order for a span of five years which bans him from making any type of communication with the harassed victim.

The restraining order also stretches to the victim’s husband or any current partner she may be with, along with her three children. The court also ordered McGrath to pay a fine of £200.

Unstable State

McGrath was said to have apparently become “unstable and tempestuous” after his former lover had ended their relationship.

The ex-lover then asked McGrath to remove photographs of them together that he taken himself.

The prosecutor, Anthony Bell, stated that McGrath had first met his former lover back in the 90’s, and they had hit it off well.

As their friendship developed it ended up becoming a physical and intimate relationship that started in November of 2010 and lasted until May of 2016.

Mr. Bell added that both of them had been married while they continued their relationship, and that the complainant had claimed that she not happy with her marriage. The secret managed to be kept well behind the backs of both of their spouses.

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