Donald Trump’s proposed plan on banning any Muslim from entering or immigrating to the United States has seen opposing views and statements from his own advisers.

According to the President-elect, he claims that his proposal made one year ago was misunderstood, and what he really intended was to ban Muslims from known ‘terror-states’ to be prevented from entering.

Yet, Mr. Trump has also stated that his intended proposal has always remain unchanged ever since he has announced it, which leaves both his advisory team and the public to be in a constant uncertainty.

There Will be Exceptions

Newt Gingrich, the vice chair for Trump’s team says that as Mr. Trump has gradually gained more awareness and knowledge into this matter, he has developed a wider perspective on it, adding that the alleged proposal set has been far more specifically narrowed down to make the actual target bans far easier, and a further elaboration into the plan has been noted down so as to see how to execute such a policy.

About one year ago Mr. Trump stated that he is considering on allowing the wealthy Muslim citizens to remain as they are in the United States, adding that his apparent ‘ban’ would probably be implemented strictly for those that come from terror states such as Afghanistan for example.

Berlin Attacks Came at the Right Time

Donald Trump remarked on the recent lorry attack on a Christmas market in Berlin and said “I’ve been proven to be right. One hundred percent correct.”

The terror attack in Berlin has supplied Mr. Trump with further justification so as to go along with his ban proposal, even though as of now the German authorities have not yet finalized the true motive, let alone real suspect behind the attack on the Christmas market.

According to Kellyanne Conway, the newly appointed counselor for Mr. Trump, she stated that Mr. Trump’s plan on banning Muslims was mainly about singling out specific nations known to harbor or finance terrorists, rather than this being a matter of singling out an entire population from a specific religion.


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