Danielle Griffin, 87, was killed as she was pushed to the ground by another fellow resident with her at the Leewood Healthcare Center situated in Annandale, after some verbal altercation had caused the other elderly woman to give her a hard shove, causing Griffin to fracture her hip.

Griffin had been suffering dementia and it was revealed that the other woman also had been suffering with other mental challenges of her own.

As a result of these diagnoses, the Fairfax County authorities have announced that this matter would be treated as a homicide case, but given the additional details, no charges will be placed on the elderly woman as of now.

Griffin had first been taken to the Inova Fairfax Hospital regarding her fractured hip, was then released some days later, and within a month Griffin had reportedly claimed that she has difficulties breathing, and then died a little while after.

No Charges Placed

“At this point, given the totality of the circumstances, no charges are expected to be places in this case,” the Fairfax County authorities stated regarding the entire context of the matter.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner had conducted an autopsy on Griffin and concluded that her death was a result of her hip fracture, along with additional medical conditions she had been enduring as well.

They Aren’t Fully Themselves

In December, the Commonwealth’s Attorney based in Alexandria city stated for a separate yet similar incident that also no charges or allegations will be inflicted either.

There had been a man at 82 years of age who was also killed after an altercation that involved another man with mentally limited capacities who had shoved him after they both had quarreled for some time regarding the television.

The similar incident had taken place at the assisted living facility situated at the Sunrise of Alexandria.

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