Michelle Obama wants to make sure that her beautiful, iconic garden is never removed from the White House. If they attempt to, they need to be prepared for a lot of work and strength to make it possible.

The expansion of Michelle’s garden was unveiled on Wednesday afternoon. The extended garden was built with stone, steel, and cement, so that it would be a permanent fixture for the White House’s South Lawn. The First Lady isn’t just focused on preserving the garden of the Obama family, but a way of dissuading a future president (e.g. President Donald Trump) from destroying and removing the garden. People around the world, recognize the garden as being a symbol of local food. Although the vegetable garden is a positive image for the White House, there are people that may be against it, like Reagan’s behavior after becoming president. Former president, Ronald Reagan had the solar panels removed, after they were put in place by prior president, Jimmy Carter.

A landscape historian, Marta McDowell said, “I think people would be really upset.” McDowell recently released a book about the White House gardens. Marta McDowell views Michele’s preservation plan as being “brilliant”. McDowell believes the removal of the gardens would simply be a political statement.

The First Lady’s nurtured garden hast mostly been able to escape any GOP ire, unlike the school nutrition reforms. But, it has still been centered on controversy. Mrs. Obama planted her garden in 2009, prior to the childhood obesity campaign. The pesticide lobby was in a rage, when reports were released about the garden being labeled organic. The lobby sent out a letter to Michelle, which never got a response from the White House.

Once President Obama’s term comes to an end, there are arrangements in place by the White House for the future upkeep of Michelle’s garden. Whenever there have been meetings with other world leaders, the South Lawn garden has served as a backdrop. At the same time, a funding stream of $2.5 million was privately set in place for maintenance of the garden.

Michelle went on to say, “I take great pride in knowing that this little garden will live on as a symbol of the hopes and dreams we all hold of growing a healthier nation for our children.”

It was an emotional speech that the First Lady delivered on Wednesday afternoon, while dedicating the garden.