Four people were arrested in Chicago as they posted a shocking and disturbing up on Facebook in which they had taken part in the beating of a disabled man.

In the video a helpless young man is seen with his mouth taped shut, and hiding in the corner in an attempt to take cover from the heavy blows he was receiving.

A young woman had took part in recording the matter, and the other two men and one woman are seen to be slashing the disabled man with a knife, including the cutting of his hair and his scalp, punching him repeatedly, tramping on him, and blood from these wounds are seen in the video.

Anti-Trump or Anti-Humanity

As the young disabled man is suffering such powerful blows to his body, another young man in the back of the video was heard yelling “F*** Donald Trump” numerous times and then added “F*** white people.”

The four abusers in the video had recorded an almost 30 minute long torture session, in which they were laughing throughout the beating, and they claimed that this young victim had been a representation of Donald Trump.

However, it is not known till now what exactly was done to the young victim after the video was over.

Luck on His Side

The Chicago authorities have stated that they sighted the young disabled man walking in the street, in complete disarray and state of confusion and shock, wearing a pair of shorts in the harsh winter, and then took him to be hospitalized for further medical treatment.

The authorities said the young man undergoes several mental disabilities, and after they had taken him to the hospital they were contacted back to the same area where they had found him and arrested all four individuals responsible to the young man’s brutal torture.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.