Four people have been arrested by Chicago Police following the release of a Facebook live video showing a man being tortured.  The man was bound and gagged and assaulted, the video shows. Attackers were shouting “f**k Donald Trump, f**k white people.”

Eddie Johnson, police superintendent, spoke to the press late last night.  He said, those charged will see “the full weight of the Chicago police department”.

“Video of a brutal act towards an adult male with mental health challenges made its way onto social media. The images in the video put on display the brazenness of the offenders who assaulted the victim and then broadcast it for the entire world to see.”

He went on to say that two men and two women described as “young adults” were in custody and being questioned.  Formal charges are likely to be made over the next 24 hours.

Currently, according to police commander, Kevin Duffin, they are trying to determine whether this constitutes a hate crime, or whether this was “stupid ranting and raving.”

The four suspects are black and the victim is white.  At one point he is forced to shout “f**k trump.”  The victim was reported as missing and it is possible he spent anywhere up to 48 hours with his torturers.  It is believed that he was a school acquaintance of one of the capturers.

Duffin said, “It’s quite a possibility it is a kidnapping,” The van used to abduct the victim was stolen.

He added, “He’s traumatized by the incident and it’s very tough to communicate with him at this point.  It took most of the night for him to calm down enough to be able to talk to us.”

The video footage was streamed last Wednesday night.  It gained a wider audience when it was uploaded on Youtube.  It lasts for about 30 minutes and has 16,000 Facebook views.

A woman speaks into the camera for most of it, and interacts with viewers.  References to Trump appear throughout.