Guests trapped inside an Italian hotel that was crushed by an avalanche have been texting loved ones.  Thirty people in the hotel were killed when the hotel was engulfed by the avalanche.

Messages believed to have come from the four – star Hotel Rigopiano said, “Help, help, we are dying of cold.”

Trapped guests have been sending messages to emergency services as landline phone services have been destroyed by the avalanche when it struck.

Rigopiano is not the only hotel to be in chaos.  The hotel in the small village of Farindola was swamped by snow yesterday as earthquake after earthquake hit the region of Abruzzo in central Italy.

Emergency crews using cross country skis covered a distance of six miles to reach the hotel.  They battled through fifteen feet of snow which had fallen in a few days.

Reports suggest that up to thirty people are dead following the avalanche which moved the building thirty feet, collapsing at the force of the avalanche.  Two have been rescued so far.


Sky news reported that one text message sent to a survivor in the hotel said, “They are extracting them from the hotel, and bringing them to hospitals, I think. But I don’t know because it is impossible for us to go up. I am sorry.”

One man had survived the avalanche because he went to get something from his car when it struck.  His wife and two children, however, are now trapped in the hotel as they remained inside.

Giampaolo Parete, 38, was one of the lucky ones to be rescued from the hotel.  An employee at the hotel he said he had a desperate call from his boss, Quintino Marcella.  He said, “Help me, an avalanche has hit and the hotel isn’t there anymore. It’s disappeared. It’s buried. Two of us are here but call rescue crews.”

Twenty fireman, two mountain rescue teams, six ambulances, and local police are at the scene.