In a retaliatory stance of rage and disappointment, the state of Israel has cut off ties with 12 of the nations that had participated in the vote recently passed by the UN that states that Israeli settlements will cease to be constructed beyond the Green Border.

These 12 countries that have been currently cut off include nations such as China, New Zealand, Senegal, Britain, Russia, and more.

However, two countries that were not amongst the list of Israel’s removal of ties were Malaysia and Venezuela. Although both had voted in the UN resolution, Malaysia has never actually indulged in diplomatic relations with the state of Israel.

In the case for Venezuela, it had already cut off their ties with Israel from as far back as 2009 due to the Israeli government’s violent offensive in Gaza that had taken place.

Netanyahu Enraged at U.N.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Foreign Ministry to reexamine all of the currently existing ties and affiliations they have with the UN within the time frame of one month.

Netanyahu added that as of now he has removed NIS 30 million worth of financial aid that get sent towards five different UN establishments.

Israel Gives it Its All

Israel has thrown multiples of attacks as a response to the UN draft that was voted for. A budget of 46.5 million euros that they pay to the UN regarding their membership costs is currently pending as a next possible move.

Amongst other actions to be taken place by the state of Israel is the expulsion of Chris Gunness, the spokesman for the UNRWA.

Jerusalem has claimed and tossed allegations against Mr. Gunness, saying he is stirring up commotion in Israel.

Another intimidating move to be put to action would be a possible complete halt for work visas to be permitted for personnel at UN agencies.

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