James Hewitt, one of the many lovers of the late Princess Diana is apparently fighting for his life after he suffered by a heart attack and a stroke it has just been reported.

Sadly Doctors gave him a very slim chance of surviving after the former Army officer was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. Hewitt 59 is however said to be recovering in the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in the UK where it is expected that he will remain for quite a number of weeks.

He was moved to that hospital after first being taken to can hospital nearby in Plymouth, where he as assessed and it was decided he needed more specialist care at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and as such was moved there.

This comes only weeks after he gave an interview in which he once again denies that he is the real father of Prince Harry, rumours have been abound that he was Prince Harry’s father for decades and in a recent television drama on BBC2 called King Charles III he once again denied he was Harry’s father.

It would appear that his health has been declining over the last few weeks, however there are never any clues that one is going to suffer from a stroke or heart attack as they happen unexpected, and he was a fairly fit and in shape chap.

What is known and what is public knowledge is that he did have a five year affair with Princess Diana for five years, at the time when she was still married to Prince Charles, however due to the timing of that affair and the birth of Prince Harry it would have been impossible for Hewitt to have been Harry’s father as he wasn’t having that affair when she became pregnant.

Hewitt is an ex-Army Captain, and once the news of his affair became public many people were calling for him to be tried for treason however that is something that never happened.

It was way back in 1986 that Hewitt and Diana started their affair when Diana was just 25 and he was 28, in fact many people may recall her presenting him a polo trophy which she presented to him when they were having that affair.

He was sent to Iraq to fight in the Gulf War back in 1991 and once their affair was known they chose to split up and did not rekindle that affair.

During more recent times it has also been reported that Hewitt was in financial difficulties so much so that he moved in with his mother, and they live together in a small two bedroom flat in Exeter in the UK.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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