Celebrities, we think we know them, they have charm, classically dashing good looks, talent and wealth. They’re charismatic and can talk their way out of anything. However, if you strip all of these things away, you’ll find all kinds of skeletons in the closet.

Take Kevin Spacey could be described as charming, good looking, talented and wealthy. However, his house of cards (no pun intended) is beginning to collapse.

We don’t know all the sordid details yet regarding Spacey accosting a young boy at a party, and I doubt he’ll freely divulge, firstly it was 30 years ago, and all of our memories get foggy. Secondly, he was under the influence of booze and possibly drugs. That doesn’t help.

We don’t question that what happened did actually happen, but what we do question is what happened beforehand.

Why did the parents not know about the party? Who was there? Are there witnesses? Was Spacey so out of it he actually didn’t know what he was doing (we’ve all done it, just not on such a spectacular scale).

We need rock solid information, or at the very least, definitive accounts from both sides.

Also, as a member of the LGBT+ community, we don’t need someone hiding behind the glitter farting unicorns to deflect the allegations. It essentially makes us all look like sexual predators, and believe me you need only look to the Westborough Baptist Church to get those kinds of misguided statements.

What has happened here is a hedonistic, damaged man tried to use his position of power to get what he wanted. It’s a tale old as time. Powerful man (or woman) tries to seduce a PYT (Pretty Young Thing).

It has emerged, that his brother suffered physically, mentally and sexually abused at the hands of his White Supremacist father, and that the family were forced to move several times. He reigned over the household with an iron fist, and woe betides if someone got even an inch out of line.

His brother, who is a Rod Stewart impersonator and a Limo Driver, also revealed his father raped him cruelly, continuously and constantly for over 4 years.

Behind the American ‘perfect’ family, lay some very dark secrets, and unfortunately, most sociopaths, psychopaths, abusers and bullies are home grown. A child learns what they live, and lives what they learn, and it only takes one thing for the entire house of cards to crumble.

Celebrities, we think we know them. But what do we really know? That charming wit covers up the pain of a troubled childhood. The beautiful smile hides deceit. The dazzling eyes can manipulate. The gym perfect body that they never show off hides insecurity.

It’s ironic really, with Halloween being today. We all wear a mask and a costume to hide our emotions and feelings. We overcompensate for mistakes we’ve made in the past. We’ll even go so far as to shut ourselves away from the world, but we mere mortals have less to fear and less to lose.

Yes, we think we know celebrities, but honestly ask yourself what do we really know?

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.