Residents of Maine have been enduring several power cuts throughout the entire state as well as difficulties in transportation as a recent heavier toll with even more snow has struck the state, surprising the people with the unprecedented event.

Air and train transportation services have been forced to delay and cancel appointed schedules, as the snow came down heavier and thicker than had been anticipated, along with crew members struggling to clear the roads and highways due to the impassable routes.

Areas in Maine that had not received such a deadly blow of heavy snow were struck with numerous power cuts as the wind mixed with wet snow had forcefully struck tree branches and power lines, forcing them to crash to the ground.

Uncertain Changes Soon

Warm temperature along with long needed sunshine had helped in melting down several frozen areas, however the freezing switches of the roads on Friday were expected by forecasters to last till at least Saturday morning.

As for the nor’easter, the weather predictions on it had seemed to be going as predicted, until on Thursday night the freezing air had rapidly moved on downwards towards the coastal regions, and the rain was substituted for even heavier snow.

Records of Snow

Areas such as Portland and Brunswick had been expected only to receive a mere few inches of snow, but instead had received almost a foot of snow, and areas situated more inwardly such as Cumberland and York had been predicted to receive maximum 8 inches of snow.

However, the result ended up doubling that measurement, with towns reported to have had up to 20 inches of snow rain down on them.

These unprecedented hits of snow all over Maine have caused great uncertainty and worries for those travelling and or using transportation services, as the roads can hardly get cleared due to the bombardment of snow.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.