What an absolute laughing stock this is. Can any woman honestly complain that a man enters a ladies rest room to use the baby changing facilities that are so rarely found in the gents? Also, has it also not occurred to the “femi-nazis” that said men don’t want their young daughters in a men’s toilet?

Let’s be honest, gents loos are grim to say the least. They smell like something died in their 3 months ago, are cold and short of changing your baby in the urinal trough, there is nowhere physically to change them.

Disabled toilets are out of the question, as is the ‘mother and baby’ room because dad doesn’t have a uterus, and the only way to get to mother and baby, is, you guessed it, through the ladies.

There are many reasons why a man wouldn’t want his daughter, or son for that matter in gent’s public toilets, and that is because there are so many perverts knocking around. Ladies, let that stew for a minute. Would you want your young child exposed to that? I’d think not, and the last thing on any mans mind with a screaming baby that is getting nappy rash is trying to peek over the stalls to see your hoo-haw. I’m sure he’s seen one at least once to make said baby.

It’s degrading enough as men that we have to shuffle off into the disabled toilets (which are a damn sight cleaner than the gents), to then be met with disgruntled looks because we dare use the disabled toilets to change our young members of the family.

We can’t use the gents because quite frankly, they’re too cold, there isn’t room and it would be impossible to manoeuvre in the 2 cubicles. Not to mention there is no facility to change a baby’s nappy, not unless we put them in the sink.

Ladies, your loos (I know this from experience) are cleaner, warmer, and bigger and you have cubicles, not a trough, though some women I know could do with one. A male entering your sanctuary so he can change his baby should be of no issue, or would you rather us whip their nappy off on the table while you’re eating your Chilli con Carne at the next table?

Cut us men some slack. We’re not all perverts, we certainly don’t want to sneak a peek, and we need a break. All we seem to be able to do is wrong. If we take our kids to the doctors for a jab and they start crying, it’s our fault. If our sons break an arm falling from a tree that we say not to climb, it’s our fault.

But woe betides if child support isn’t met because we have to eat. The whole equality thing works both ways, and by both ways, I mean allowing men to change their daughter’s nappy in a warm, clean, non urine smelling space, which just currently happens to be in the ladies.