Donald Trump announced his plans to name the picks for three key positions in his administration: Rep. Mike Pompeo for CIA director, Michael Flynn for national security adviser, and Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general. According to a Republican National Committee official, Sean Spicer, those will be the individuals to fill the vacant positions. Spicer is involved in the transition. Another official spoke with NPR’s Carrie Johnson and confirmed that the attorney general position was offered to Sen. Sessions.

The Senate will confirm the nominees for attorney general and CIA director. It isn’t required to have a Senate confirmation for the security adviser position. 69-year old Republican senator, Sessions became one of the first lawmakers that partnered himself with Trump’s campaign. He has a tough stance against fighting crime and he is supportive of an aggressive anti-immigration platform. The former longtime attorney for Alabama also served as a top Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee oversees FBI operations and the Justice Department.

He was once denied a position with the Senate Judiciary Committee as being a lifetime-tenured federal judge, after he was testified against for using racially insensitive language. He apologized for a statement that he made, which stated KKK was OK. He followed up by saying, “until I found out they smoked pot”, viewing the episode as a joke. Sessions has maintained a conservative position on social issues that include marijuana legalization, funding for stem-cell research, and same-sex marriage.

Sessions’ career as a prosecutor has been controversial, with racism allegations being placed on him for decades. The biggest red flag was when Sessions prosecuted black civil rights workers, accusing them of voter fraud. The prosecution was called “voter persecution” by the defense lawyer. The jury returned with no convictions.

Sessions’ appointment was labelled “troubling” by the president of the NAACP.