Scotland Yard is seeking new lead in the disappearance of three, soon to be four year old Madeline McCann who had disappeared on a holiday vacation with her family in 2007.

The Home Office has granted more money to extend the investigation for another six months as the new lead is to be pursued by investigators in the UK.

Madeleine’s Disappearance

The McCanns left Madeleine asleep along with her siblings and went to dine at an open air restaurant around 50 meters away from the holiday home in which their children were sleeping.  When they went back to the home to check on the children, Madeleine was not found.

Investigators are exploring a new line of inquiry that may explain the possibility of European traffickers kidnapping and abducting her. Some witnesses claim that pictures of Madeline were taken  by a man with binoculars while she was at a beach a day before she disappeared.

According to the witnesses, the man was taking photograph of several young girls at the beach. According to detectives, the traffickers are believed to have kidnapped her shortly after taking the photographs.

Trafficking Crisis

Though police in Portugal smashed a trafficking ring of women and under-aged girls in 2011, there is still no confirmed evidence that she was abducted by a gang of traffickers.

Anti-child-trafficking charity (ECPAT) has stated that Portugal was “attractive” to traffickers because of the easy access traffickers have to move children across the borders.

This reopening of investigation is continuing with high hopes of finding the missing girl.  Some clues from NYPD and the FBI suggest that the disappearance of Madeleine may be linked to a trafficking gang that kidnap and murder children for ritualistic purposes.

Madeleine McCann’s parents continue in hope to find their little girl though they believe that the government is “giving up” on searching for their daughter .

Published by Sara O'Connell

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