The U.S. has dispatched the USS Carl Vinson and its battle group to the Korean Peninsula and its arrival has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be in North Korea, who have issued a statement saying that they are “ready for war” and is in a position to defend their territory with a “powerful force of arms”.

Having seen just a tiny proportion of the military might of the U.S arriving not far off their coastline Pyongyang are fully aware that there is a reason for that, and are claiming the arrival of the battle group are ‘outrageous actions’ and have informed the U.S that there are going to be some ‘catastrophic consequences’ of their decision to dispatch those vessels.

The real reason for the arrival of the battle group, are a series of U.S. and South Korea war games, however ever ready to boast of their alleged military might and supposed military prowess, a North Korea spokesman has gone on to say that ‘this goes to prove that the U.S. reckless moves for invading the DPRK have reached a serious phase.’

However, China, who are always fast to react to any potential threat, have moved around 150,000 troops to its border to deal with any influx of refugees that may spill into their country should the U.S. decide to attack North Korea.

Whether the Chinese President is aware of any planned attack by the U.S. on North Korea does of course of course remain be seen, however he and his wife did spend a few days in the company of Donald Trump last week, and it is a fair bet that one of the main topics of conversations would have been how to negate or even eradicate the risk of North Korea attacking any of its neighbors.

A spokesman for the North Korea Foreign Ministry has been very busy making many statements over the last 24 hours in regards to how they will respond if the U.S. does attempt any type of missile strike or attempts any other type of military intervention in North Korea, however as usual their statements are often filled with hot air and bravado.

What is known about North Korea however is that they have been publically boasting about, and have made no secret of their recent new missile tests, and their constant rhetoric in regards to how they are now in a position to strike first or back at any perceived or actual military aggression!

With the recent developments in Syria muddying the waters in regards to worldwide peace, and with the constant recent sabre rattling of North Korea, no one will be surprised if the U.S. does decide to launch an attack on the regions of North Korea they have found to both produce and store these new missiles.

However, the type of missile attack if any that the U.S. does decide to launch will be well planned and will hopefully have some sort of agreement or approval with China in regards to where they will hit and possibly when they will hit too.