Social Media lit up in the early hours of today, as word spread about an emergency meeting being called for all staff employed by the Royal Family in the UK, with staff as far afield as Balmoral in Scotland being urgently told to make their way London to attend the meeting.

Rumurs abound whether one of the Royal Family had died, however those rumurs were very quickly refuted by the Palace, and a quick glance at the Royal Standard positioned at the top of Buckingham Palace would have indicated that no member of the Royal Family had died.

The emergency meeting comes a day after the UK Prime Minster attended an audience with Her Majesty as part of the process for dissolving Parliament ahead of the General Election in the UK.

Rumours even spread that the meeting was called due to the outcome of that meeting, which was one of the longest meetings on record in recent years regarding a British Prime Minister meeting with the queen in regards to dissolving Parliament.

Whilst Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip are in their later years in life, being 91 and 95 years old respectively, both are reported as being in extraordinarily good health, however they both have experienced minor illnesses in recent years, none of which proved to be serious which were mainly minor colds or bouts of flu.

Whilst there is of course a set procedure for any major Royal Family related news stories to be released to the press and public at large, and as that procedure has so far not been followed, this has caused the media to go into overdrive as just what this meeting is about.

In fact, sadly one newspaper in the UK that being The Sun Newspaper did load a story reporting the death of Prince Philip earlier in the day, however that page whilst cached by Google was very quickly removed from their website.

Outcome of the Meeting at Buckingham Palace

Well, the time of the scheduled meeting at Buckingham Palace, that being 10.00GMT has now come and gone and the outcome of that meeting is now known. As such please read on to find out what the meeting was all about, as we are confident many people the world over will be interested in finding out just what all the fuss was about!

It would appear that Prince Philip is no longer making any official appointments from this Autumn, and as such it is being planned that other members of the Royal Family will be stepping him for him.

It is reported that the Queen fully supports his decision to withdraw from public engagements however being patron of over 780 different charities and organizations it looks like he will remain patron of those, if in a somewhat limited capacity.