Top secret and never before disclosed documents were exposed to the public, and most importantly to Congress as it turns out that the Pentagon has withheld a study they had made that revealed a rough $125 billion had been suppressed from them.

Where Did the Money Go?

The colossal quantity of money was made up from governmental waste from a conduction of business processes.

The sum of money was concealed due to fears that Congress would gain an upper hand in the matter and ultimately lower the financial plan used for the military and defense. Documents that leaked that this matter were acquired by the Washington Post, along with information being discovered in interviews.

Leaders from the Pentagon claim the study of the financial revision was to assist the establishment that existed behind closed doors as well as putting their savings back into action to uplift the military.

However, the study proved to be far more detrimental in costs, thus forcing senior officers into concealing the outcomes that arose. Private-equity shareholder Robert L. Stein, former chairman from the Defense Business Board said “They’re all complaining that they don’t have any money.

We proposed a way to save a ton of money.” Mr. Stein added to the matter by stating that what the Pentagon did was “a travesty,” in regards to them withholding this hidden budget. According to the final reports of the Pentagon, it was shown that their expenditures reached nearly a quarter of the $580 billion financial budget that was used in conducting business plans.

Budget Control

The Pentagon must oblige to the 2011 Budget Control Act, which will leave them no choice but to use $113 billion for automatic cuts in a time frame of about four years. In this matter, both Congress and Donald Trump must reach a compromise for how to spend efficiently for the future.

The Pentagon attempted in hiding the report with utmost secrecy, even removing a 77-page summary report from their website. Their plan in preventing a duplication of any kind proved to be unsuccessful after all.



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