Parliament Terrorist Khalid Masood was actually British Born and English

The terrorist attack on the home of UK democracy will live in the minds of many forever, and breaking news just is reveals the identity of that attacker.

After the heinous, lone ranger type attack on the houses of Parliament, costing the lives of 4 people and ingraining the image of an MP trying in vain to save one of those slaughtered on our memories, it has been revealed that Khalid Masood was, in fact, an English born citizen who had been radicalized in Saudi Arabia.

Masood was in fact born Adrian Elms, to a single mother and had his whole life ahead of him. No one truly knows the full details, but it has emerged that Elms had 5 aliases he hid behind, and although bright, he was placed on the MI5 watch list for suspicious activity some time ago yet they never acted.

As the death toll has risen to 4, and could rise further, the question has to be asked, why MI5 were so reluctant to take action. This reluctance in itself is as heinous as the crime itself. Social Media is alight with people claiming that blood is now on MI5’s hands, blood which was innocently spilled due to the UK’s obsession with being politically correct and not wanting to offend anyone.

The whole of the Western World is at war, and for once, we all share a common enemy radical Islam.

The overall cost of this religious war stems all the way back to 9/11 and has cost trillions and for what? The answer is chillingly simple. For our own to essentially bite the hand that is feeding them.

Chillingly, Elms was an English teacher with a criminal record longer than our arms, including one stint in jail for stabbing a man in the head. He also claimed on his CV to have an Economics Degree, however, deep searches of databases are showing that no such degree was awarded, nor is Elms’ name listed at any of the universities offering economics degrees.

In 2009, he returned to the UK, presumably from Saudi Arabia, and landed a job as ‘Senior English Teacher’ at TEFL in Luton, essentially teaching those who were most likely to look up to him and to take his every word as gospel.

Obviously bright, Elms’ was able to manipulate the system and slip under the radar to found his own teaching establishment in none other than Birmingham, the heart of the Trojan Horse scandal. Once again, why were the government so reluctant to act?

Now all the cards are on the table, it is pretty easy to see the scenario playing out, a criminal with convictions spanning back more than 3 decades, consistent re-offending, a violent history, and a personality disorder, UK police and security services are today carrying out raid on many properties thought to be associated with him.