It would appear that the ghost of the late Diana Princess of Wales is never going to be laid to rest, much more so with the publication of yet another book, this time not about her life but that of Camilla husband of Prince Charles now hitting the book shelves of many a bookstore.

Whilst the author of that book is Penny Junor, and as all of the content in it is from “friends” of Camilla and other sources instead of from Camilla’s mouth instead, a lot of what is revealed in it does have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, one of the more interesting revelations is that when Charles and Camilla were having their well documented affair, and Diana became aware of it, Diana was quite partial to calling up Camilla late and night and telling her that she had sent someone to kill her and that person was currently in Camilla’s garden!

Whilst that did probably put the frighteners on Camilla, at no time was it ever proved Diana did send anyone to kill her, and as it is well document that Diana did suffer from a range of eating disorders and well documented mental illnesses too, there are probably any things that she did say she had done when she was at her most vulnerable that she never really did do.

Those mental illnesses and her well documented eating disorders also have probably paid a big part in her youngest son, Prince Harry choosing to make a point of coming out with his own demons and mental illnesses too and may have also probably forced the hand of Prince William her eldest son in regards to him also supporting mental health charities too.

The new book has already caused quite a stir in the number of revelations it has bought to the public eye, however what it has also done is to show just how much stick and pressure Camilla would have been under through lots of verbal threats from Diana many years ago.

Obviously Diana has been long dead, and anything that is revealed about her when she was experiencing mental health problems does have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but should you be a fan other either Diana or Camilla then it may be worth buying the book as it is a fairly good read, going on the several pages I have been given access too!

It is called The Duchess: The Untold Story by Penny Junor and it has been published by William Collin and will be available from any lading bookstore as of Thursday this week