The UK’s most loved service, the NHS (National Health Service), has come under attack from cyber hackers who have ground the entire service to a halt. Not only have staff who have time off are being called in, former staff and even retired nurses are mucking in to try and make things work as smoothly as they can.

The WannaCry (how ironic a name) virus has taken a hold of one system and has spread like a plague. However, the purposes of this, other than extorting money, are not clear. The virus has been around for a few years, or at least the general concept, however, this is far more sophisticated. To attack the whole NHS means you have to go through several servers, similar to a bank, then find a computer with a user whom clicks the link.

The awful thing is, my grandmother, like many other peoples grandparents, is ill, and because of this, all of them will have to literally have to wait, but if we take grandparents out of the equation, or people in their 70’s and upwards. There are children with cancer, cystic fibrosis, children that not only need constant medication but a full history of their medical background to ensure drugs are properly administered and not counteracting and others they may be on.

These criminals, who, also can’t spell for toffee, seem to not have hijacked the NHS alone, but have gone all out and made it pretty generic. The Primark of computer viruses so to speak.

As the UK is one of the most powerful countries in the world, and the fact that Theresa May, who blocked the extradition of a harmless hacker, who simply pointed out the USA’s vulnerabilities, this is going to be a major international endeavour. Particularly as it’s human lives at risk. It’s not hacking a computer and changing someone’s grades, or making your PS4 account look better. It is putting sick people’s lives at risk.

Demanding 300 Bitcoin is also absurd. I see this as a horrendous what to try and extort money where they can and those hackers who are using this way of extorting money should be tracked down and face the consequences of their action.

I am sorry, but if the NHS bows down to this and pays the rasnom, shame on them. However, more shame should be on the idiots who targeted a service that is helping the sick, needy, and often the dying.