Russian military forces have conducted an experimental test for their new submarine drone which has the capability to transfer a colossal nuclear warhead that can be used to abolish military bases and cities that lay by the coast.

The Pentagon as of now have assured this new weapon exists. This mighty upgrade in the Russian military has been named ‘Status-6,’ and is able to accelerate at a frightening speed of 56 knots, and can complete a trip underwater up to 6,200 miles.

Huge Claims

Russia claims this mega-warhead that can be transferred onto Status-6 may consists of roughly 100 megatons, which is basically more than six times as large as the atomic bomb dropped on Hirsohima.

Taken into account the 100 megatons of thermal nuclear might, an explosion of this sort would undoubtedly stimulate large tsunamis around coastal cities, which ultimately would drag the destruction farther into the land.


However, the situation is deemed far worse than this. Russia claims that the thermal nuclear bomb may be equipped with something referred to as a “salted bomb,” which consists of the isotope Cobalt-60.

Cobalt-60 would spread immense levels of radioactivity within the vicinity, along with thwarting anyone from being capable of using that vicinity for another century. The alternation of weather circumstances will inevitably carry this radioactivity further into the land.

Status-6 mighty speed underwater outweighs that of the typical American made torpedoes, in which unless an upgrade to their torpedoes speed is not created, Status-6 may very well be difficult in stopping.

Status-6 was originally devised and created as Russia’s methodical way of responding to America’s new and advanced missile defense system.

This nuclear drone can be used to flank these missile systems by submerging underwater in order to reach and annihilate American submarine bases that carry nuclear warheads as well in places such as Georgia, Kings Bay, Kitsap, and Washington to name a few.

It would successfully inhibit the American submarines from returning to their docks to reload, as Status-6 specifically would aim for navy bases. Status-6 according to reports is said to be in full preparation for use as of 2019-2020.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.