Reports are just coming in of a major explosion at the Manchester Arena in Manchester UK.

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed fatalities and many people gave been injured in what many people are suspecting is a major terrorist attack on the Northern UK City.

The Manchester Arena was hosting an Ariana Grande gig, footage has been posted on social media showing blooded people trying to escape the scene, whilst ambulances and armed police swarm the area.

It is also being reported that there was a loud bang immediately after the concert had ended.

Greater Manchester Police have issued urgent warnings for the general public to avoid the area at all costs, and trains into and out of Manchester have been cancelled. Local hospitals have been put on a Major Incident footing.

Whilst the UK have been suffering recent terrorist attacks, Manchester has not experienced any in the last few years, in fact the last major terrorist attack was during the time of the IRA when the city centre was severely damaged by a bomb.

This is a breaking news story and we will be updating it as and when news comes in.