The new world order. Is Syria the end result?

It has become the home of war. Syria’s wars can last as long as seven years at a time. Majority of the wars stem from the interest of international players. Many doubt that the current war in Syria will be ending any time soon. The nations involved in a civil war with Syria has no intentions of coming to a truths. There are other areas of more interest than the lives of the innocent.

One of the nations with other interest is the United States. Along with other nations in the west coast, the U.S. have other desires in the current war. Primarily, they want to destroy the nation, which has been called an Islamic State. The nations also want to replace President Assad. It is believed that a more democratic leadership is needed.

The battle has become another fight for regional superpower for Iran and Saudi Arabia. Although the battle continues mainly with nearby nations, one of the biggest players in the war is Russia. Their country is considered to be the core. The biggest questions lie on the goals of President Putin. Sources say that he doesn’t want to lose another ally or there is a desire to conquer a “colour revolution”.

It could also have to do with Russia projecting its power.  At same time, Putin might just need to restore his image amongst his own people.

Even though it has been almost 100 years since the Cold War, the nations are still fighting to restructure globally. The most powerful country in the world continues to be the United States. It has been debated that the U.S. lost its self-confidence morals in the Iraq battle. Others believe that the President of the United States has no will in being involved. President Obama’s lack of interest has been openly displayed. The thought of failing in another Arab country is the last thing that the U.S. needs.

It is possible that this all will change with election of the next president. Although it is hard to determine what Donald Trump’s move may be, if he holds office, there is a great chance that Hillary Clinton will use her position to increase military intervention. Regardless of who the next United States president may be, the difference between the two candidates are marginal. Many people, across the world, are questioning this next move.