China has cautioned to the United States that the ongoing situation regarding the US drone they have confiscated will not reach an end in such a simple manner.

The Chinese Defense Ministry has issued a statement in which it expressed their frustration over in what they believe to be America blowing the entire conflict out of proportion and accuse them for exaggerating the issue.

The Defense Ministry further noted these exaggerations will not assist in the solution for the situation in progressing easily.

Analysts from both China and the U.S. claim this underwater drone was likely to have been conducting some intelligence regarding current Chinese submarine activity within that region of the South China Sea.



Although the Chinese have stated they intend on returning the drone back to the US, it is not yet known whether the drone will be returned entirely intact as it is, or would be returned once the Chinese examine it after dismantling it to examine it.

Donald Trump tweeted about China’s unexpected behavior and stated that they have stolen an American drone that was used to conduct research and have done so over international waters.

The Chinese Communist paper, The People’s Daily mentioned that there are no clear or specific rules regarding any activity with drones, so their actions are actually legal, adding that this is technically ‘the gray area’ they are permitted to enter.

“If the U.S. military can send the drone, surely China can seize it,” The People’s Daily stated.

The Defense Ministry has also mentioned that they have complained before to the United States and to President Barack Obama about intrusions done by them near their waters, in which they claim were performing military surveys and a close ranged reconnaissance.

They added on by stating they insist on the demand that the U.S. to halt these movements near their waters conducted by both air and sea.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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