For ages, Donald Trump has had a name. Sometimes good. And, sometimes bad. Better yet, a lot of times bad.

On Friday, there was a letter sent to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, from the New York Attorney General. In the letter, they informed the organization that they were in violation of the law for their fundraising acts and that it had to stop immediately. According to The Washington Post, Trump’s foundation didn’t have requisite permission nor oversight to raise over $25,000. With these restrictions upon the foundation, their donations have been in the millions for a number of years.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump presidential campaign, stated that all fundraising would cease. Hicks also questioned the motives of the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Outside of raising millions that were not allowed, the foundation has additional acts that have to be questioned. Donald’s name is the front for the foundation, but the money being raised comes from other people. The foundation will receive donations from various people, then make donations with the money, under his name.

It was reported that $1.67 million was raised by the organization to fund veteran causes. At the same time, the funds haven’t been used just for helping those in need. It has been reported that the foundation’s money has also been used to settle any of Trump’s illegal issues. He may even purchase gifts for himself. Those two acts, alone, would be a violation called “self-dealing”. Other cases mention Trump directing his income towards the foundation, without evidence if taxes were paid on the money, as required.

Currently, The Trump Foundation is being investigated by Schneiderman to determine if the organization has broken any rules that involve self-dealing (settling legal cases and buying gifts for himself). It is also believed that the foundation’s money was used to make a political donation towards Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General. This donation happened, while Bondi’s office was deciding on whether to investigate the Trump University or not.

The foundation wasn’t the biggest flaw. In 1995, records show that Trump had a loss of almost $1 billion. This loss was enough to protect Trump from paying any income taxes for the next 18 years. There was also a report from Newsweek that stated laws involving the American embargo on Cuba may have been broken by Trump, because of conducting professional business in Cuba. Records show that Trump has remained active in Cuba for more than 20 years.