The Southern Railway strikes said to initiate next week have been reduced to three days of strikes instead of the planned six days, however the unions have warned for further strikes in the future.

According to recent reports, employees from Aslef had originally planned on conducting a walk out starting from Monday, which could have resulted in major disruption as services would come to a complete stop throughout the whole week.

The union has stated that they will launch their strikes on the days of January 10th, 11th, and the 13th.

Mick Whelan, the General Secretary of the union declared however that just because they had cut down the six day strikes to three, it did not mean they will be halting their cause, adding that they will continue additional more strikes later on as well.

More to Come

The union has stated that they have cut their six day strike to three days due to contemplating about just how long this struggle’s duration will be, and also out of sympathy for the worried citizens in the public who will be greatly affected if services are completely halted for an entire week.

Hundreds of thousands of passengers of the Southern Rail have endured months of interruption and disappointments due to the industrial strikes and shortage of staff members.

Enough is not Enough

Paul Maynard, the Rail Minister stated that even if the strikes are reduced, it will still undoubtedly result in a great impact towards the passengers and all strikes at this point should be cancelled off indefinitely.

Mr. Maynard added in regards to the safety of the rail ways that they have been using the current method of running their trains around other areas in the UK as well for about three decades, and that the independent rail regulator has also confirmed that these methods are indeed a safe and secure method.

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